LP Valuations, Inc., provides fractional interest appraisals for owners of private real estate entities, including limited partnerships, private REITs, and tenants-in-common. We specialize in accurately calculating net asset values (NAVs) for our clients, based on sound market research and rigorous valuation methodologies. Our NAV valuation analyses provide owners and their advisors with current, historical, and prospective opinions of value that carefully consider potential NAV erosion, including:

  • Sales and liquidation costs
  • General partner profit participation upon a sale or refinance
  • Multiple classes of equity and priority participations
  • Potential debt defeasance upon liquidation
  • Preferred returns
  • Deferred maintenance
  • Contingencies upon sale

The NAVs calculated by LP Valuations provide liquidation estimates that represent “fair value” as outlined by FASB 157, providing market appraisals as necessary for reporting purposes.  LP Valuations’ NAV calculations can also provide an independent data source in the event that a limited partner receives a tender offer to purchase units from a third party.  Due to LP Valuations’ independence from any of the programs it analyzes, our reports provide our clients with unbiased appraisals as an important alternate to the general partner’s reported value.